ORW brand production (wheels)

Vezdehod Group owns a trade mark ORW being its exclusive distributor. The ORW brand offers cars enthusiasts a wide range of high quality steel wheels manufactured especially for heavy roads. You can find all of them on our web page www.offroad-wheels.com that contains a great number of wheels of different diameters, width and colours for various car brands.

Off-Road-Wheels are made of strong steel alloy and are characterized by high-grade security and balance. They have an advantage over other brands due to their low weight combined with positive qualities of heavier analogues, paint resistance as well as original pattern avoiding the mug getting inside the wheel. The cars owners appreciate steel wheels because unlike alloy wheels they are easy to repair, have more models and sizes and are resistant to winter road chemicals.

It´s really easy to select the right wheel using the auto-select form of the web page www.offroad-wheels.com or calling the phone numbers indicated on the page. If you´re interested in collaboration with us or in wholesale supply, please contact Vezdehod sales department at +7(931) 207-86-02



Тел. +7(931) 207-86-02 




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