Quick Fist Distribution (clamps)

Quick Fist is the US brand producing high quality universal clamps of heavy duty transportation grade rubber. They can be used to mount such devices as fire extinguisher, high lift jack, spade, canister, small tools from 1,5 cm in diameter and other devices. Quick Fist clamps are successfully used for emergency services vehicles (medical, fire, military), off-road trucks, quads and boats. They are not affected by cold or hot climates, they are UV and corrosion resistant, that is extremely important for boat construction and off-road customization. A clamp resists up to 23 kilos charge.

Vezdehod Group is Quick Fist official distributor in Russia. It was founded in 1997 and since then it has shown good results for Russian automobile market.



Тel. +7(931) 207-86-02 
www.quick-fist.ru (web page under construction)
www.endroad.com (manufacturer´s web page)


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