Repair station Winauto

Winauto is a repair station situated in Saint-Petersburg at Per.Lesnoi, 78. We offer you a wide range of services in the following areas:

- Engine oil change
- Gearbox oil change
- A/C filling
- Fuel system cleaning
- Suspension, transmission, break system diagnostics and repair
- Belts diagnostics and replacement
- Injector cleaning
- Running gear repair
- Coolant replacement

Our repair station is aimed at satisfying the highest service standards being efficient, providing good quality service, paying attention to client´s requirements. We change engine oil for free, the price of other services is really affordable for everybody. The station is equipped with modern professional devices aimed at significant reduction of the service time.

We pay special attention to having feedback of our clients, collecting their reviews and offering them to participate in requests to evaluate the final quality and give their opinion on how the service quality can be improved.

For over fifteen years Mobil-Service has been working for your cars to be ¨healthy¨, repaired and fully equipped for you to enjoy it for a long time.



Prospectus Lesnoi, 78, Saint-Petersburg 
Tel +7 (812) 320-18-72




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